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By the bay

Nature is so nourishing for the soul and I often forget how little I spend in it. It’s been a while since I was anywhere close to water  and the more I visit it the more enthralled I become with it. Growing up in the countryside never allowed me to have an understanding of the sea and it’s beauty. It is amazing how just being in nature- quiet and in peace can make you feel better not only physically but mentally too. I often hear people saying mental health is important but what can we do to improve it? I think going out in nature is one of them. Even in big cities areas of green is needed and I am lucky to live by a big river in the city.

A lovely day out! Fun fact! My ballet studio I danced with over the last year is located just behind these buildings!
Sea/River/Ocean air is always refreshing.

Theatre. I watched “Wicked” there!

I love taking photos of nature it makes me so happy and grateful to see it with my own eyes and I hope you all love it too since you can’t see it physically. I love sharing it with everyone.

Have you spent time outdoors today? It is so hard to give ourselves time out in our natural habitat. We often feel so drained from work that we just want to sleep all day. (I’m guilty too, I slept for 11-12 hours straight yesterday night!) If you are reading this then I hope you take some time out for yourself and truly enjoy it.

That’s a wrap for me, I will see you hopefully next week in my next posts about Uni since I will be starting uni next week!

Much Love,



why dream when you can’t fulfil it?

I’m not going to lie, this year’s summer intensive is super intense. My last post was certainly an understatement of the rigorous classes we received over the past couple of days. The classes in the older group is so advanced I couldn’t quite keep up. I know it was because many of the steps were new to me, ones I’ve never heard or have physically tried before and that got me frustrated a lot since I couldn’t attempt most of the centre work because of it.

My self-esteem and confidence really plummeted today, because the ballet classes have been extremely hard. Initially they were the classes I really wanted to enjoy and improve on. I felt so down halfway into the centre work but of course I didn’t sit out and decided to carry on. I was aware there was other people in the class, who had more years of experience but still that got me down. Now reflecting back on it, I have only done ballet for a year and a few months. I can’t believe the things I have learned in such a short time. I felt like ballet has been with me longer, i don’t know exactly why..

Today, we had a wellness talk. It was so eye opening and thoughtful. Our teacher Zoe talked about her own journey in becoming a professional dancer. She told us  how everyone believed she had an easy path in becoming professional since she was accepted into ENB at 16 and eventually graduated. But what nobody knows is her struggle to be accepted into the company itself. At the end of her graduation she was given a contract that had to be renewed every 3 months. Imagine how nerve-wracking it was to be constantly on the balls of your feet-literally, trying to make sure you did your best everyday all because of that one contract. She began to get panic attacks and at night she was constantly awake unable to fall asleep.

When it wasn’t renewed  Zoe was devastated and didn’t want to dance anymore. She couldn’t look at herself in the mirror or want to teach any of the girls she was teaching as a side job. Over the couple of months her health was becoming less normal. She ate less and had anxiety and panic attacks. She believed if she wasn’t accepted into the company it was the end for her.

But life moves on and even things that really matter to you will seem like a distant memory to you one day. Zoe eventually found a job in another company-Ballett Vorpommern. She was still alive and breathing but most of all she was dancing. Perhaps it was a better opportunity for her. She was given the opportunity to dance lead roles that ENB would never have. Recently she was accepted as one of the members of Royal Ballet Flanders. If you are not a ballet enthusiast, ballet flanders is actually a pretty prestigious ballet company known around Europe. In my view it is part of the top ballet companies around not only Europe but around the world too.

I think the most important thing I learned from this talk isn’t Zoe’s journey itself but what she learned throughout the process. She told us no matter what we are going to do were going to be criticized anyway no matter what you do, especially if you are pursuing something unconventional. There will be ups and downs in life, those who don’t are not doing anything with their lives and not taking any chances or risks to fail.

In my opinion,I think looking in the past for guidance is something we should all do, but looking to the future is more helpful. Even if you aren’t a dancer I encourage you to find what you love to do. If you are truly passionate about something there is always a place on earth for you to share it with the world. I know this for a fact because you were born here for a reason. Everyone has a beautiful purpose here on Earth and it’s up to you to fulfil it.

I myself am trying to find my passion. I don’t know how dance is going to fit into it. But I know for sure it is something I truly love and am passionate about. With time my heart will tell when my mind is ready to listen.

I hope you liked this post! I really love writing inspirational posts and I will certainly do more in the future.

Much Love,


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loving intensives

It’s my first day back in the studio in DanceIreland and I’m really happy about it. This morning I woke up super excited but a little apprehensive. I had a feeling I haven’t improved much since my last intensive and since I did so well last year I felt the teachers who previously taught me would be disappointed in me.. *sigh too much overthinking…

I was put into the older class, which was a surprise to me. I think it is mostly my age that influenced the choice. But I’m happy because it means they believe I am capable to be placed there.

Ballet was first on the list of classes we were taking. It was amazing as usual. I feel like I could dance ballet all day if I could! Next year I am hoping to attend a full ballet intensive now that I am more experienced in it. It was taught by Ksenia ovsyanick an amazing principal with Staatsballett Berlin, Germany. She is such a lovely woman to meet. She was so demure and I felt like she had a sweet nature to her.

During this class, I can see for sure I NEED to improve my developpee! I am quite weak and need to develop more strength in my hips. One of my goals for this year along with middle splits/box splits.Again I need to work on my confidence. I need to be more confident in myself and trust in myself more. FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT! Other than that I believe my day went quite well.

However, I died during the strengthening and toning and Jazz class. The teacher was so energetic and definitely pushed me to my limit. I feel happy though, I managed to do most of the class. It was so hard but so worth it. I will feel stronger for sure. And it makes me realize how out of shape I was. For the last few months I have so little time to spend on working on my body because of work. I have surely lost a lot of my strength for sure.

On a brighter note, I’m hoping to improve a little bit in this summer intensive! Another

I’ll see you at the end of the week! And have a lovely day wherever you are!! If you want to tell me below. I am curious! 🙃


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finding gratitude in midst of the mundane

Do you ever realize life passes by so quickly that it takes our breath away in just one second or a milli-second for that matter Iand it seems to be the middle of the year already?

MONDAY evening, 6pm I was in the studio again, a different one this time counting the minutes and seconds until the clock struck 7pm to begin my ballet variation class. I was pleased to be the first to arrive and to have time to warm up. Dark clouds the colour of soot covered the skies but for some fortunate reason the sun was still blazing. Luckily as the sun began to set its light penetrated into the studio through the windows creating a kaleidoscope of light everywhere. I was hit with a sense of awe and afterwards a sense of gratitude to be able to witness this amazing moment. I suddenly felt inspired and motivated, I don’t know but lately my life has been lacking inspiration for a long while.

This moment really showed me hope above all. It was like the universe was supporting me in my passion. I felt like I could have conquered the world in that moment. Wouldn’t it be great if we felt like that all the time? But what the fun in that? If we felt happy all the time how are we supposed to appreciate it? We must be sad to be happy again and famished to be satisfied. I felt like there was more in life in that moment than just the studio, a greater adventure awaits me in the world outside….

some little thoughts as I DANCED and reflected…what do you all think is life just this simple? Or do you believe we are not living life to our potential. I think everyone has more potential than they realize but stay inside the comforts of a secure job and lifestyle so they won’t feel uncomfortable. I’m beginning to realize this after so long!! 

lots of love!!



middle of the year


It’s that time of the year again everyone, July has finally come and I’m finally dancing again. Last week I attended my first ballet class since 4-5 weeks ago and I’m really happy I’m dancing again. I don’t think I can not dance since I first stepped into that small studio with no mirrors. I’m sure all of you who have dance know how addicting it is or is it just me? My family can barely understand why I try to attend so many classes. (I only attend 2-3 usually during the normal term) Right now I’m attending 1-2 classes for the summer and hoping to continue to do so when I go to university. It’s definitely something I do not regret doing, depsite it being costly sometimes. Thankfully, my bunion pain is subsiding and I’m beginning to take care of my body more, and not putting it throught too much. When you are a dancer you begin to understand your body more and realize your physical limits early on, that’s another benefit of dance!

There’s absolutely nothing more relishing when you find yourself improving so much and seeing how far you have come. I’m super excited because my intensive starts in 17 days and I can’t wait! This year is going by so fast…So little time to dance and so little time to live..Do what makes you happy guys!

I saw this quote just now and I thought it was so inspiring. I think it’s the best I’ve seen from a long time. Really read it and think about it guys, I think you will find it will help you no matter what dreams you have. 🙂

the universe would not have put that dream in your heart if she had not also  given you everything  you need to bring it to life.”

I’ll leave it at that everyone, see you next time!



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Injury and Summer!

Hey guys! How have you all been? It’s been a really REALLY long while since my last post. I’m still alive and breathing and I’m still dancing no matter what – committing to going to class twice a week. I’ve been on my toes for the past few months since I started working and it’s definitely taken me to another level of exhaustion. 😂😂 Thankfully I have a week of rest that allows me to get a break not only in dancing but also from the daily grind.So what have I been doing? I’m still learning the intermediate RAD syllabus and my pointe work is getting stronger everyday! I have to say I have not been doing anything outside of ballet class to improve my progress in ballet. Most days I am too tired from work and coming home has made me realize how glad I am to have a bed I can come home to. I’m also been hesitant to anything more outside of class. My foot has been hurting for a while and only recently have began to subside. It hurt mostly when I am on pointe on my right side( bunion part) of my left foot- which I have sprained badly before. As a matter of fact I think it’s the main reason why this injury has began because my left foot is not as strong as my right. With that I have formed a reluctance to go on pointe and also the fact that I get a little anxious when I try to even if I could. I think I am actually strong enough to do more, yet somehow I am afraid to fully go on pointe. Any tips for me on pointe? I would love to know your thoughts.

Despite not dancing though I went hiking for the first time. I almost walked 25,000 steps that day and 12km! It was a Sunday when I went and the weather was lovely. The place is called Bray, a famous coastal place in Ireland, Wicklow. Here in Ireland it is hardly ever sunny for long, the weather drastically changes in minutes. We were lucky though, the weather stayed beautiful and bright.You can see how beautiful the place is, I would definitely recommend going here. It’s a gem for sure! 🌟After arriving in Bray we hiked to another town greystone. Another small town near the coast too. Our trail was extremely close to the sea, so we had a picturesque view of everything nature had to offer us.This trip was such a nice experience away from the suffocating life in the city where I live and it was fortunate that it was such a lovely day. Life is always good if you look at the brighter side. Don’t you agree?All the love everyone, I promise I will be back with another post sooner rather than later!


Maymen 🥀

daily musings

daily musing #1

Hi all! How is everyone doing? It’s been a good while since my last post and I really wanted to get back to writing one but I haven’t done anything interesting (ballet related) I have been on a little hiatus for a while and ballet has been placed on the back burner. However, in compensation of this I have expanded myself to new and better things which include finding myself and developing myself as an individual. Since taking my year out I think I feel myself growing more wiser and mature with everyday. For sure my confidence has been improved a lot because of it. Since I was young I believed it bad to be too confident and this has made me very demure, doubtful and quiet. It has made me doubt myself tooo much. I realise this so much now that I am out in the “real” world with a job. Most of my days are spent either working or sleeping! So leaving me with much less time to practice ballet except to attend my weekly classes. In the future I would definitely love to attend more than a few classes in a week! 😍

Today I had my first intermediate class since Easter break and it was better than I expected. I haven’t danced in a week! I told myself I would do some cross training during this week of no dance but I ended up feeling unwell. So much so I didn’t do anything at all. Thankfully I was able to dance, today and it was one of those dance classes that make you feel proud and happy.

For once my performance was good. Today I actually felt I was able to do more than just dance. I felt I projected myself, and actually showed character in my dancing. My pointe was good too, for once! I thought I was so weak but actually I am far better than I realized. Sometimes, I underestimate myself too much. Too unconfident and insecure. Always standing in the back of the room watching other people, copying the steps other people do in combinations when I am unsure and not believing in myself more. This is my problem and I believe everyone feels somewhat the same too no matter if it’s dance you love or another art form, we all experience the same problem.


“Your time is limited so live your life, not somebody else’s.”

I love this quote so much, it really makes me less stressed and anxious for the future. I love ballet but will I have to give it up in the future? Right now I want to enjoy as much as I can. Have you ever loved something so much and wanted something so bad? I do. I’m going to try and pursue it, my dreams may change but dancing will always be what I want to do. Even if people may say otherwise…

It takes strength and courage to do what is right for you.


So trust yourself everyone.



Evgenia Obratsova. My favourite ballerina. She is simply amazing!