love of art

Since I was a young girl I have always loved art; whether it was painting, drawing, dancing it was all I could think about and to this day I still ponder about it immensely, in fact with more vigor and passion. Nowadays, I have been busy with other commitments and it has prevented me from creating consistently. I’m in a state of mind wherein I doubt whether I’m even good enough to pursue my passions but i read somewhere, “you doubt because you care” and it honestly can’t get more real than that.

The vision of my Art

a girl hopelessly in love with the beauty of art. I may not have a Valentine but my passion for my art is enough in this moment in my life.

Happy Valentine´s to all beautiful readers out there. 🥰

If you have a passion pursue it even if you have doubts or your afraid of what others may think you only have this one life and time does not give second chances.

Much Love,

Maymen ❤️


Paving new paths 🎈

I’ve had a busy beginning of the year full of study and exams and today I finally completed them! I can’t wait to ‘officially’ start the new year with new goals and ambitions I hope to achieve (hopefully). I don’t want to put too much emphasis into these desires as I feel like it would hinder my motivation to actively reach these goals. But I do believe writing them down helps a lot with setting your mind to focus without having to share it with friends and family. I think you subconsciously and passively will achieve them, maybe not in the time you expect but perhaps years down the line. Sometimes, you may have forgotten them by then but the universe has a way of presenting things to you that you desired but maybe at a different time that suits you best.

Since it’s the new year, I’ve been inspired so much. It’s true when they say that you are the only person in your path who is stopping you from becoming who you want to be. People tend to underestimate their potential and think they don’t have what it takes to achieve their dreams. I’ve doubted myself a lot last year and this has made me focus on things that don’t make me as happy as I can possibly be. For example, Dance has always been my passion, especially ballet and I’m not dancing as much as I would like. What I have realized is that we as humans tend to overthink and undermine ourselves despite knowing what makes us happy. This year I’m not going to wait. I’m going to start living the dream I have always wanted. I may not be there but I’m going to make an effort to put my best step forward because time is running out. We don’t have all the time in the world and before we realize it our lives will be lived – but to the fullest can be questioned. What better time than to start now?

This quote is relevant to this post and something I should listen to!

What are you steps are you taking to accomplish your dreams? I recently realized how much I enjoy writing inspiring posts. Writing them out does not only guide you readers out there but it also helps me on my own journey to finding my happiness. I love writing self -help posts and I really like that it can help people even if it’s just one person. I appreciate how my thoughts can help those who are willing to listen and willing to learn. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing these thought provoking posts. You will be seeing these posts often rest assured.

I will see you in my next post,

Maymen ~

The Year of 2018 🌙

Happy Winter break to all! I hope whoever is reading this has an enjoyable and festive Christmas. I have already started my winter break and I am enjoying the solitude and peace for myself.

2018 has brought many new experiences which I am extremely grateful for. It has taught me lessons and introduced me to changes I will never forget. 2018 has made me into who I am today more than any year.

It has taught me to stay true to myself and also stay open to new possibilities; because you never know if you never try right? I definitely have learned some things about myself I didn’t realize before. For example, my strengths and weaknesses and what I can do to make the most out of who I am as an individual. I am beginning to understand a little more about the world around me and to be a part of it a little more. Despite not being able to control situations I am learning to be calm in myself and hold my ground. I have given up on the idea of trying to control everything and even my own life to some degree. I’m slowly learning how to let go and go with the flow in every day. With that I have learned to appreciate myself more and to allow myself to be placed first rather than last.

2018 is a stepping stone, and 2019 is going to be a year of conquering and entering new situations. I am grateful for the experiences I have had and I want to share it here. I want everyone to not only learn about me but how they can relate in a way that can teach them about their life. At least that is what I hope to achieve. Here’s to a great 2019, thank you to everyone who have followed me along since the beginning!

Much Love,

Maymen ~ 🌙

Gap Year Recollections

Since taking a gap year I am definitely a changed person. It sounds cliché, but it’s actually the honest truth. When you are doing something for yourself, disregarding other people’s opinions of you I believe you learn more about yourself and what you want out of life. Since the beginning, I knew I wanted to go down this route before even choosing what course I wanted to major in and I can honestly say I had no clue what I wanted to do in Uni.

Throughout my school years I was and for the most part an A student. I didn’t like disappointing people but most of all I didn’t want to disappoint myself. I ended up spending a semester in a course I didn’t entirely love -Computer Science. The reason for why I left was because I couldn’t see myself going down the path of a Programmer. I hated the idea of sitting in an office all day. I want to explore the world and inspire people. I knew from the moment I stepped into the Administration office I was ready to leave.

I didn’t expect myself to change but if you asked me a year ago about some of the things I do today, my old self would beg to differ on a lot of things. I learned a lot of things and lessons about myself and also about life.

1. Speaking with people

As a child I had no problem talking to people and making friends with other kids. As I grew I began to enjoy my own solitude and spent many hours alone in my bedroom reading. At school I was the quiet one. However, taking this gap year, one of the goals I made for myself was to try and open myself up to people. I am usually very guarded and it was uncomfortable to talk at first and to open myself to people. Sometimes, I feel I am saying everything wrong at the wrong time. But now, while it is still a little unconformable it’s a skill I’m becoming more competent in. I used to have trouble transferring

2. Not everyone is going to like you

Learning to not care about what people think is extremely hard to do. It’s something you hear constantly but just can’t stop thinking about. Taking a gap year allowed me to be exposed to different environment, thus different people. I can’t say they were all positive, what I can say is that you can learn from these people – positive or negative. No matter how nice you are there are always going to be people who are not going to agree with you. People are always going to make assumptions about you even if they are not true. Sometimes, there are just people out there who you can’t seem to see eye to eye with and it’s not worth digging deeper. I’ve realized there’s no point in trying to defend yourself, it’s simply a waste of energy. Overthinking can be exhausting. I’m still working on being less conscious about what people think, it’s a little more than a struggle but it’s possible to overcome.

3.Becoming independent and taking more responsibility

With a new chapter, I moved my location to a new city. I became a city girl for a year and I learned to live by myself the majority of the time. I bought my own groceries and did my chores. Honestly, the newest challenge for me was money. Learning about banking and employment contracts were new concepts to me and I felt unprepared after coming from school to the working world. I think that’s another pro about taking a gap year, when you are just fresh out of school it will allow you to become accustomed to how the world works. It will teach you things no books will teach, unless you experience them first-hand. I’ve even saved enough to pay my own Uni fees, and I felt proud of myself for being able to do so. I began to feel like I had control over my life. I could do whatever I wanted, whatever I desired.

4. Self-Care

Learning to take care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others around you. Since I had made sufficient amount from working I am able to look after myself better. When I lived back home, I hated the idea of using someone else’s money. I spent very little, actually almost none at all. Since I am not the oldest I was always given hand-me down clothes which were sufficient for me for a while.  However, now that I’m able to make my own savings I can treat myself better. I started to buy myself things and looked after myself better by dressing better and eating right. Overall, I feel more confident in my approach to life, I’m able to stand up for myself and not take any sh*t!

Taking a gap year was an incredible experience, although I didn’t do much I learned a lot about myself. Now that I’m in University, I have learned to appreciate it. I’m endeavoring to making the most out of the experience I am having. I’m learning to live life to the fullest despite adversities and challenges. 

Whoever you are reading this I hope you have an amazing day today!  A little quote to keep you inspired: “I am going to make a very beautiful life for myself no matter what it takes.”

Walking down this alleyway reminded me of the path I can carve for myself. I have Control of my life and sometimes I think we all forget that.

Until next time! 

Maymen ~

Venturing into the world

Happy December a tutti!

It’s been three month since I first started in this new chapter in my life. It feel like yesterday since I first stepped into a room full of strangers but now they are familiar faces.  These last three months has made me someone new and I think for the better. As a student I have met so many new faces not only in my university but through the event industry. Being part of this world gave me various insights and glimpse into different realities. I am very thankful for these experiences – good and bad. I have met people from all walks of life and been and seen places I would never would have. I have grown. 

A lot has happened – I turned 19 and I’ve met new friends in a new place with new schedules. In all honesty, as much as I love Uni, I miss having the independent life when I was on my Gap Year. I think as humans we love freedom above anything else, while I was a good student I did not always feel like following rules all the time.  Actually, I think school systems ingrain in our subconscious to obey and taking my gap year made me realize this. Before, my decisions would be mainly focused on what other people thought would be best for me and I was so good at following and obeying rules, I didn’t even know want I really wanted for myself. At least this is how I felt. Uni for me is an opportunity for me to grow as an individual. To find my interests and pursue my already existing hobbies. It’s an opportunity for me to find who I am and where I stand in society. It’s only been 4 months into my course but I already feel like I have changed as a person. I am definitely a better communicator, though I am less reserved I am still introverted and I like to keep to myself a lot.

I think Winter serves as a reminder that new starts are always good and things come to an end for the better.  Also because Christmas is coming! However, I don’t find presents to be the sole reason for my happiness, I love the cosy and warm vibes that this season brings. It’s nice to believe that everyone is happy in the world sharing something in common. I think, in the end we are all the same regardless of who we are and where we come from, everyone wants love and to be happy. What do you think?

I am sorry I have not been very active lately, I will try to remain consistent! Now that the mandatory work experience is coming to an end. I have much more freedom on my hands and more time to dance! I hope to write more on my blog concerning inspirational posts and other positive subjects I have recently grown to understand and find extremely fascinating.

With that I will talk to you soon!

By the bay

Nature is so nourishing for the soul and I often forget how little I spend in it. It’s been a while since I was anywhere close to water  and the more I visit it the more enthralled I become with it. Growing up in the countryside never allowed me to have an understanding of the sea and it’s beauty. It is amazing how just being in nature- quiet and in peace can make you feel better not only physically but mentally too. I often hear people saying mental health is important but what can we do to improve it? I think going out in nature is one of them. Even in big cities areas of green is needed and I am lucky to live by a big river in the city.

A lovely day out! Fun fact! My ballet studio I danced with over the last year is located just behind these buildings!

Sea/River/Ocean air is always refreshing.

Theatre. I watched “Wicked” there!

I love taking photos of nature it makes me so happy and grateful to see it with my own eyes and I hope you all love it too since you can’t see it physically. I love sharing it with everyone.

Have you spent time outdoors today? It is so hard to give ourselves time out in our natural habitat. We often feel so drained from work that we just want to sleep all day. (I’m guilty too, I slept for 11-12 hours straight yesterday night!) If you are reading this then I hope you take some time out for yourself and truly enjoy it.

That’s a wrap for me, I will see you hopefully next week in my next posts about Uni since I will be starting uni next week!

Much Love,


why dream when you can’t fulfil it?

I’m not going to lie, this year’s summer intensive is super intense. My last post was certainly an understatement of the rigorous classes we received over the past couple of days. The classes in the older group is so advanced I couldn’t quite keep up. I know it was because many of the steps were new to me, ones I’ve never heard or have physically tried before and that got me frustrated a lot since I couldn’t attempt most of the centre work because of it.

My self-esteem and confidence really plummeted today, because the ballet classes have been extremely hard. Initially they were the classes I really wanted to enjoy and improve on. I felt so down halfway into the centre work but of course I didn’t sit out and decided to carry on. I was aware there was other people in the class, who had more years of experience but still that got me down. Now reflecting back on it, I have only done ballet for a year and a few months. I can’t believe the things I have learned in such a short time. I felt like ballet has been with me longer, i don’t know exactly why..

Today, we had a wellness talk. It was so eye opening and thoughtful. Our teacher Zoe talked about her own journey in becoming a professional dancer. She told us  how everyone believed she had an easy path in becoming professional since she was accepted into ENB at 16 and eventually graduated. But what nobody knows is her struggle to be accepted into the company itself. At the end of her graduation she was given a contract that had to be renewed every 3 months. Imagine how nerve-wracking it was to be constantly on the balls of your feet-literally, trying to make sure you did your best everyday all because of that one contract. She began to get panic attacks and at night she was constantly awake unable to fall asleep.

When it wasn’t renewed  Zoe was devastated and didn’t want to dance anymore. She couldn’t look at herself in the mirror or want to teach any of the girls she was teaching as a side job. Over the couple of months her health was becoming less normal. She ate less and had anxiety and panic attacks. She believed if she wasn’t accepted into the company it was the end for her.

But life moves on and even things that really matter to you will seem like a distant memory to you one day. Zoe eventually found a job in another company-Ballett Vorpommern. She was still alive and breathing but most of all she was dancing. Perhaps it was a better opportunity for her. She was given the opportunity to dance lead roles that ENB would never have. Recently she was accepted as one of the members of Royal Ballet Flanders. If you are not a ballet enthusiast, ballet flanders is actually a pretty prestigious ballet company known around Europe. In my view it is part of the top ballet companies around not only Europe but around the world too.

I think the most important thing I learned from this talk isn’t Zoe’s journey itself but what she learned throughout the process. She told us no matter what we are going to do were going to be criticized anyway no matter what you do, especially if you are pursuing something unconventional. There will be ups and downs in life, those who don’t are not doing anything with their lives and not taking any chances or risks to fail.

In my opinion,I think looking in the past for guidance is something we should all do, but looking to the future is more helpful. Even if you aren’t a dancer I encourage you to find what you love to do. If you are truly passionate about something there is always a place on earth for you to share it with the world. I know this for a fact because you were born here for a reason. Everyone has a beautiful purpose here on Earth and it’s up to you to fulfil it.

I myself am trying to find my passion. I don’t know how dance is going to fit into it. But I know for sure it is something I truly love and am passionate about. With time my heart will tell when my mind is ready to listen.

I hope you liked this post! I really love writing inspirational posts and I will certainly do more in the future.

Much Love,